Mühle Freudenau, Flawilerstrasse 30, 9500 Wil is an exceptionally placed site in central East Switzerland.
Over 110,000 inhabitants live and work in the economic region of Wil and its immediate surroundings. In terms of the number of commercial and industrial jobs the region is above average and it offers a diverse range of services.
With direct access to the motorway connecting Zurich and St. Gallen, the former can be reached within 40 minutes (50 km) and the latter within 20 minutes (25 km). In just under an hour’s drive via Toggenburg you’ll be in Pfäffikon SZ and well on your way to Central Switzerland.

Thanks to the proximity to this major transport route, the site is particularly attractive for companies that value mobility. Within two minutes of setting off you’ll already be on the motorway, meaning conversely that your customers need practically no time at all to find you once exiting the transport artery. Moreover, there are more than enough parking spaces both in front of and beside the site.

Advertising space visible from the heavily frequented Flawiler Strasse and Georg-Rennerstrasse (Viadukt) is available. Therefore, supported by the striking architecture of the building, your company will become a focal point, further strengthening the identity of your brand.

The pond studios provide occupants with idyllic views of the water, while the top-floor, open-plan loft boasts a stunning panoramic view of Wil’s old town and across the Thurau-Ebene as far as Säntis and Churfirsten.